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I'm just so relieved you didn't offer up headcheese (aka hogshead "cheese").


Gouda is awesome on chicken/turkey sandwiches. I am also a big fan of Edam w/ roast beef.

Recently, Erin and I went to a barbecue and we grilled portabello mushroom caps with Camembert. Amazing.

Cheese rules.


Upon further review, it looks like the acronym for my organization is (more or less) "Gouda is God."

That'll do just fine.


Gouda IS good. My son is very of Muenster. I like a very sharp cheddar on roast beef.

And American isn't cheese. If that is the only choice, I'll pass.


Gouda is awesome. Just ask Wallace & Gromit! Have fun w/o me on Sunday. I have survived 36+ hours of my husband's family. Here's hoping I can do about 30 more!


Ah, the power of gouda cheese over evil.

Mary Witzl

My good man, this organization has been around for years!

Apart from the so-called 'American,' the only cheese I've ever met that I didn't like is Velveeta. But come to think of it, neither of those are real cheeses anyway.

I once spent a year in the Netherlands where cheese is purchased on an almost daily basis. Gouda came in huge rounds; the proprietor of the cheese shop would shave off beautiful, creamy slices which he would then wrap in greaseproof paper. Pure heaven.


Update to this: I was in a cheese shop called, creatively, The Cheese Shop, in Peterborough, Ontario last week, and asked if they got a lot of people quoting Monty Python to them, to which the clerk responded "No. And I've never been a big fan of his." My crests were fallen.

Also their Camembert was a bit smoky-tasting.

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